Love it or loathe it: Queenstown

A lot of people, when quizzed about the New Zealand’s south island, would wax poetic about places like Milford Sound and Wanaka, and would be very quick to dismiss Queenstown with words like ‘flashy’ and ‘crowded’ being thrown around. Coupled with it’s world-wide reputation of being ‘the adrenaline capital’, you imagine it to be a … Continue reading Love it or loathe it: Queenstown


Kaikoura: Where the Mountains meet the Sea

Kaikoura is a special place. A quick mention that you’re going there will almost always illicit a happy recommendation. New Zealanders are quick to state just how beautiful the little seaside town is, and backpackers declare it a ‘must do’ with stories of seal encounters, cheerful hostels, and cheap food options (fush n’ chips aplenty!). … Continue reading Kaikoura: Where the Mountains meet the Sea

Happy times in Helsinki

I wrestled with captioning this post because although I loved my time in Helsinki, I am currently stuck in the Helsinki airport feeling not-so-happy. To keep a boring story short, there was some major drama with my tickets and I wasn't allowed to get on the plane. After one small breakdown that saw me crying into … Continue reading Happy times in Helsinki