One week in Thessaloniki: Feta, Frappés and Feeling Unsafe

As I stepped out of the Easy-Jet airplane onto Greek soil, I was hit by wave of hot air. The hills shimmered in the distance and someone’s hat flew off their head and landed perilously close to the engine. My Greek friend in front of me let out a shrill of joy. Welcome to Thessaloniki! … Continue reading One week in Thessaloniki: Feta, Frappés and Feeling Unsafe

A Travellers Wish List

    Sometimes you just want some stuff!  1. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt  This pulitzer-prize winning book is making the rounds and I am dying to read it. The Goldfinch tells the story of a thirteen-year old in New York City who becomes orphaned after his mother is killed in an art gallery. It has … Continue reading A Travellers Wish List

Biking around Berlin

If the city of Berlin was a person, it would be that eclectic hipster friend you have that wears ironically ugly shirts, reads obscure poetry and drinks too much. He is the friend who outwardly loathes the Sunday brunch ritual but partakes in it every week nonetheless. His other favourite activities include drinking beer in … Continue reading Biking around Berlin

Is Prague Adult Disneyland?

Long time no speak! Let’s address the fact that I haven’t been blogging for three weeks. Frankly, it’s a bad excuse. I haven’t had a life crisis, or been too busy, and I certainly have a lot of things to write about. I have simply been hanging out with my friends. Hanging out in the … Continue reading Is Prague Adult Disneyland?

Girl Travellers: An Interview with Pam from A Blonde Around the World

Welcome to Girl Travellers! In this series I’ll introduce you to some inspiring and downright cool female travel bloggers. It's a space where we can chat about travel and what it means to be a girl on the road. It is my pleasure to introduce Pam to our Girl Travellers series. Pam is the delightful … Continue reading Girl Travellers: An Interview with Pam from A Blonde Around the World

Ten Things that will Kill your Travel Blog in the First Year

  So we have all heard the statistics that most blogs fail in their first year. First off, let me say that if you love writing your blog even if you only have a couple of readers, then your blog is definitely not a failure. I have been writing this blog for seven months, it … Continue reading Ten Things that will Kill your Travel Blog in the First Year

Announcing a Summer in Greece

I am going to Greece for the summer! I am so thrilled and excited to spend two months in Greece this coming June. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be having a Greek summer this year. I was supposed to be in Asia! Source: Athens walking tours I will … Continue reading Announcing a Summer in Greece

An Afternoon in Poland

Here is the thing about Europe. From the tiny town I am living in, you can drive 30 mins one way and be in Poland. You can also drive thirty minutes another way and be in The Czech Republic. I am sure Australians will agree that one of the most annoying things about Australia (aside … Continue reading An Afternoon in Poland

Three Months of Travel

Goodness gracious, this third month of travel tried and tested me in more ways than one. Never have I experienced such a dramatic upheaval than this month. My relationship ended and I moved from chaotic Kathmandu to the idyllic countryside of Eastern Germany. As I packed my bags in Kathmandu I felt sad leaving the … Continue reading Three Months of Travel

In Pictures: Walking the Forests of Eastern-Germany

Walking the forest paths has been peaceful. The forest floor is covered in fallen leaves, carpeting the ground in golden browns and rusty yellows. The leaves crunch under my feet. Tiny white flowers grow from beneath the leaves and shoots of green peek out from the thick carpet created by Autumn. Out of every patch … Continue reading In Pictures: Walking the Forests of Eastern-Germany