Becoming a Divemaster: A Short Story on Fear

This article is part one in a series on the process of getting my PADI Divemaster certification. The Divemaster certification is the first step to working as a professional in the diving industry. I felt it was important to share some backstory before getting into the details of my month long course. Unfortunately, diving can … Continue reading Becoming a Divemaster: A Short Story on Fear


How to Have the Perfect Summer

I don't know about you but at the end of winter, summer takes an almost mythological status in my mind. Every winter I seem to expect my life to turn into a Billabong or Corona ad as soon as the first rays of sunshine hit the ground. Anticipation of summer takes on a golden hue … Continue reading How to Have the Perfect Summer

Happy times in Helsinki

I wrestled with captioning this post because although I loved my time in Helsinki, I am currently stuck in the Helsinki airport feeling not-so-happy. To keep a boring story short, there was some major drama with my tickets and I wasn't allowed to get on the plane. After one small breakdown that saw me crying into … Continue reading Happy times in Helsinki

The Finnish Summer House

Travellers, let me tell you this, if you’re ever in London and have to catch the underground to the airport, try your very hardest to avoid rush hour. I learnt this the hard way and consequently found myself fighting my way onto the Jubilee line in order to make my flight at 11:00. I was … Continue reading The Finnish Summer House