Love it or loathe it: Queenstown

A lot of people, when quizzed about the New Zealand’s south island, would wax poetic about places like Milford Sound and Wanaka, and would be very quick to dismiss Queenstown with words like ‘flashy’ and ‘crowded’ being thrown around. Coupled with it’s world-wide reputation of being ‘the adrenaline capital’, you imagine it to be a … Continue reading Love it or loathe it: Queenstown


Welcome to Mauritius!

When my parents told me at 10 years old that we would be moving to a little island off the coast of Africa, I excitedly bragged about the news with my classmates at school. The teacher, overhearing me creating my usual classroom ruckus, invited me to come up the front of the class and point … Continue reading Welcome to Mauritius!

That One Time I Slept in a Park in London

Things I would recommend in London: shopping in covent garden, partaking in high-tea, picnicking in Hyde Park, and going to see a show in West End. Things I wouldn't recommend in London: traveling on the tube at peak hour, forgetting an umbrella, and sleeping on the street. Needless to say, I did all three of … Continue reading That One Time I Slept in a Park in London

Month Seven of Travel

My sister described this feature on my blog as 'the monthly update I do every couple of months' but with each month becoming even more chaotic than the last it has become increasingly difficult to sit down and write! My last monthly update was written in Greece and since then I have travelled through five … Continue reading Month Seven of Travel

Some (emotional!) Thoughts on Leaving Germany

  When I begun planning this trip late last year with my boyfriend, I came up with this crazy itinerary that took us through six continents and had us traipsing through at least 30-40 countries. We were going to start in South-East Asia and move through China into Europe. From Europe we were going to … Continue reading Some (emotional!) Thoughts on Leaving Germany

The YouTubers that are Travelling the World

I love watching YouTube videos and over the past year YouTube has slowly overtaken movies,television and sometimes even books (!) as my most preferred form of killing a couple of hours. It started off with a couple of make-up tutorials here and there and before I knew it, I was watching a couple hours a day. I … Continue reading The YouTubers that are Travelling the World

One week in Thessaloniki: Feta, Frappés and Feeling Unsafe

As I stepped out of the Easy-Jet airplane onto Greek soil, I was hit by wave of hot air. The hills shimmered in the distance and someone’s hat flew off their head and landed perilously close to the engine. My Greek friend in front of me let out a shrill of joy. Welcome to Thessaloniki! … Continue reading One week in Thessaloniki: Feta, Frappés and Feeling Unsafe

Peek Inside My Packing: Clothes, Shoes and Gear

With my departure date for two months in Greece looming, my teensy 45L Kathmandu backpack comes out of its dusty storage place to mock me with it’s inadequate size. Too big to check-in, too small to house my ever increasing belongings: it is the perfect size to encourage bag-sitting and zip-straining (this is why I … Continue reading Peek Inside My Packing: Clothes, Shoes and Gear

Is Prague Adult Disneyland?

Long time no speak! Let’s address the fact that I haven’t been blogging for three weeks. Frankly, it’s a bad excuse. I haven’t had a life crisis, or been too busy, and I certainly have a lot of things to write about. I have simply been hanging out with my friends. Hanging out in the … Continue reading Is Prague Adult Disneyland?

Interview with a Pilot: Terrorists, Takeoff and Turbulence

*This article is part three of a three part series on the fear of flying. You can read part one here and part two here. Hopefully this interview and learning more about planes and flying will help you step through that plane door with a little bit more confidence!* As a pilot, what is one … Continue reading Interview with a Pilot: Terrorists, Takeoff and Turbulence