Month Seven of Travel

My sister described this feature on my blog as 'the monthly update I do every couple of months' but with each month becoming even more chaotic than the last it has become increasingly difficult to sit down and write! My last monthly update was written in Greece and since then I have travelled through five … Continue reading Month Seven of Travel


My Top Five Favourite Cities

As of right now, I don't have a place to call my home. Yeah, I have the house where my parents live and the tiny island of Mauritius where I grew up. I even have the city that claimed me during my university years but none of these places are really my home and after … Continue reading My Top Five Favourite Cities

Tonsai: Astonishingly beautiful and a little bit frustrating

Leaving from Krabi to Tonsai, I had a few firm expectations about our next destination. Tonsai has picked up a reputation for being a hippie commune as well as an incredibly popular rock climbing spot. I had also heard of the beach's towering limestone cliffs and spectacular sunset. Needless to say, after Khao Sok national … Continue reading Tonsai: Astonishingly beautiful and a little bit frustrating

10 Things to Know Before You Go: Koh Tao

Mr. Ahmin's banana pancakes are the only dessert you need on Koh Tao Located on the corner next to the Lotus Resort pool on Sairee Beach, Mr Ahmin's banana pancakes became a staple part of our Koh Tao diets. Every night, Jo and I would venture forth with banana and Nutella pancakes smothered in condensed … Continue reading 10 Things to Know Before You Go: Koh Tao

Khao Sok and the Quandary of Travel Blogging

* This article gets a bit confusing if you haven't read Adventurous Kate's article so make sure you go ahead and read it and then come back here (Link is below!) We had made the decision to add the little jungle town of Khao Sok into our itinerary after reading the brief description of its … Continue reading Khao Sok and the Quandary of Travel Blogging

Freediving: a Deep Sense of Euphoria

*Hey everyone. This article was very much a passion piece for me. As a result, it's lengthier than our usual posts. I hope you all enjoy reading it, as it was a pleasure for me to revisit these memories. Free Diving is a water sport that requires a person to dive underwater as deep or … Continue reading Freediving: a Deep Sense of Euphoria

65 Ways to Travel Better

1.Take photos with people in them. They are the ones you will treasure later. 2. Don’t overplan, leave room for spontaneity 3. If going to developing countries, research the beggar situation. If you give to beggars will it go to buying them food or is it organised begging (a la slumdog millionaire)?4. Do it the “Official Way”. … Continue reading 65 Ways to Travel Better

Koh Tao

Koh Tao and Unrealistic Expectations In the months leading up to our big trip, Koh Tao was the place that captured my imagination and fantasy the most. As a scuba diver with salt water in my veins, I dreamt of spending every hour in the water, finning with the fishes, teasing christmas tree worms and … Continue reading Koh Tao

One Month of Travel

One month of Travel  They say that the first Month is the most challenging. The most exciting but the most challenging . You get used to the fact that you don’t have a house and a room “back home” to go to when you get tired, instead you curl up on your lumpy bungalow mattress … Continue reading One Month of Travel

Our Epic Journey from Kuala Lumpur to Koh Tao

Being budget travelers, Jo and I were faced with a difficult prospect when deciding how to get from KL to our future island home on Koh Tao, a mere 960km away . The expensive option was to fly to Surat Thani and catch an express ferry to the island. The cheaper alternative was to catch … Continue reading Our Epic Journey from Kuala Lumpur to Koh Tao