Six experiences under $6 in Kathmandu

1.Visit the Boudhanath Stupa This ancient stupa is one of the biggest in the world and is one of the most popular tourist sites in Kathmandu. It is swathed in myth and legend and I suggest having a read about the history and purpose of this construction before visiting.The stupa itself is impressive and there … Continue reading Six experiences under $6 in Kathmandu


Khao Sok and the Quandary of Travel Blogging

* This article gets a bit confusing if you haven't read Adventurous Kate's article so make sure you go ahead and read it and then come back here (Link is below!) We had made the decision to add the little jungle town of Khao Sok into our itinerary after reading the brief description of its … Continue reading Khao Sok and the Quandary of Travel Blogging

Freediving: a Deep Sense of Euphoria

*Hey everyone. This article was very much a passion piece for me. As a result, it's lengthier than our usual posts. I hope you all enjoy reading it, as it was a pleasure for me to revisit these memories. Free Diving is a water sport that requires a person to dive underwater as deep or … Continue reading Freediving: a Deep Sense of Euphoria

65 Ways to Travel Better

1.Take photos with people in them. They are the ones you will treasure later. 2. Don’t overplan, leave room for spontaneity 3. If going to developing countries, research the beggar situation. If you give to beggars will it go to buying them food or is it organised begging (a la slumdog millionaire)?4. Do it the “Official Way”. … Continue reading 65 Ways to Travel Better

Koh Tao

Koh Tao and Unrealistic Expectations In the months leading up to our big trip, Koh Tao was the place that captured my imagination and fantasy the most. As a scuba diver with salt water in my veins, I dreamt of spending every hour in the water, finning with the fishes, teasing christmas tree worms and … Continue reading Koh Tao

One Month of Travel

One month of Travel  They say that the first Month is the most challenging. The most exciting but the most challenging . You get used to the fact that you don’t have a house and a room “back home” to go to when you get tired, instead you curl up on your lumpy bungalow mattress … Continue reading One Month of Travel

What We’ve Got In Our First Aid Kit

These are the contents of our first aid kit. Though the things we've included are applicable and useful in most countries, we're bringing some medicines that we think will be especially beneficial in South East Asia. Sunscreen This is for you to ignore the first time you go to the beach thinking that you'll only … Continue reading What We’ve Got In Our First Aid Kit

Our six month Southeast Asia and Nepal travel itinerary

As you may have gathered from our ‘about’ page, Chris and I are heading off to South-East Asia and Nepal for six months.There is no doubt that this itinerary will change (which is totally okay!) but we thought it best to have some semblance of a plan. Chris and I are firm believers in serendipity … Continue reading Our six month Southeast Asia and Nepal travel itinerary

September Beauty Favourites and Travel Pick of the Month

1. L’Oreal EverSleek Shampoo and Conditioner- $15 An Essie Button enabled purchase (Anything that girl buys I just have to have!); I have been loving this silicone-free system. I have extremely fine and colour-treated hair and these products do an excellent job at nourishing my hair without weighing it down. My hair feels softer and … Continue reading September Beauty Favourites and Travel Pick of the Month