5 Travel Disasters that Happened to Me (and How I Dealt with Them!)

Travel is all fun and games until you lose all your money and end up sleeping on the street surrounded by the neighbourhood cats (yes this happened to me). From losing your passport to sleeping through your train stop, if you are travelling for longer than two weeks then you are bound to run into … Continue reading 5 Travel Disasters that Happened to Me (and How I Dealt with Them!)


One Month of Travel

One month of Travel  They say that the first Month is the most challenging. The most exciting but the most challenging . You get used to the fact that you don’t have a house and a room “back home” to go to when you get tired, instead you curl up on your lumpy bungalow mattress … Continue reading One Month of Travel

The two week countdown

We have only two weeks to go until we fly to Kuala Lumpar to start our trip around SE Asia and Nepal.  I thought it might be fun to document how we are feeling for other travellers to (hopefully) identify with and also so that we can look back and laugh at how silly we … Continue reading The two week countdown

The Wanderlust Tag!

This is a bit of a chatty post so if you're into that kind of thing then read on! After seeing Essie Buttons's video "The Wanderlust Tag" I thought I might have a crack at it too. 1. Your most treasured passport stamp. My most treasured passport stamp is my many stamps going in and … Continue reading The Wanderlust Tag!