Travel Stories: My First (Scary) Night in Madagascar

  That night, Madagascar greeted me at the airport with a thick, smoky darkness, a gruff one-toothed driver and a taxi with a door that flew open around corners. I had arrived in south-west Madagascar to live and work amongst the Vezo fisher folk who subsisted entirely off the spoils of the Toliara reef system. … Continue reading Travel Stories: My First (Scary) Night in Madagascar


Welcome to Mauritius!

When my parents told me at 10 years old that we would be moving to a little island off the coast of Africa, I excitedly bragged about the news with my classmates at school. The teacher, overhearing me creating my usual classroom ruckus, invited me to come up the front of the class and point … Continue reading Welcome to Mauritius!

My Top Five Favourite Cities

As of right now, I don't have a place to call my home. Yeah, I have the house where my parents live and the tiny island of Mauritius where I grew up. I even have the city that claimed me during my university years but none of these places are really my home and after … Continue reading My Top Five Favourite Cities

10 Things to know before you go: Madagascar Edition

Mentioning an upcoming trip to Madagascar in the majority of cases will elicit one response from people. “OH, like the movie?”  They say, happy to have found some frame of reference, albeit one with a singing and dancing animal cast. To this, I have found, the best response is to find the closest map or … Continue reading 10 Things to know before you go: Madagascar Edition