Goodbye 23. Hello 24!

I just turned 24! Which is supposedly the birthday that you get your fully-grown adult brain. Welcome adult brain! Hopefully you more capable of handling this whole growing-up thing because my previous brain would go into a flap at the sight of bills or paperwork. My birthday was spent in Perth with one of my … Continue reading Goodbye 23. Hello 24!


A Travellers Wish List

    Sometimes you just want some stuff!  1. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt  This pulitzer-prize winning book is making the rounds and I am dying to read it. The Goldfinch tells the story of a thirteen-year old in New York City who becomes orphaned after his mother is killed in an art gallery. It has … Continue reading A Travellers Wish List

My Guide on How to Get Your First Tattoo

Jo and I recently decided to take the plunge into permanence and get tattooed. There was a lot of thought and time that went into choosing exactly what we both wanted and why. I had been thinking about my very small scripted tattoo for at least 6 months prior to getting it. Some people are … Continue reading My Guide on How to Get Your First Tattoo