sleep/eat/wear: Berlin Edit.

Welcome to my new feature here on Dirty Paws! sleep/eat/wear will provide a little snapshot into where I am sleeping for the night, what I am putting in my belly and what clothes are covering up my body parts! As I will be resting my head in many different locations over the next six weeks, … Continue reading sleep/eat/wear: Berlin Edit.


Things I Will Miss When We Leave

In conjunction with my other post about things I won’t miss when I leave, I decided to mention a few things that I will definitely have a hard time leaving behind. I’ve omitted the usual things such as friends, family, favourite hang-outs, air conditioning etc. This is because it can be assumed that they are what I … Continue reading Things I Will Miss When We Leave

The two week countdown

We have only two weeks to go until we fly to Kuala Lumpar to start our trip around SE Asia and Nepal.  I thought it might be fun to document how we are feeling for other travellers to (hopefully) identify with and also so that we can look back and laugh at how silly we … Continue reading The two week countdown