The Places That Make Up My Brisbane

You can poke your toes into the water, or you can dive right in. The first five years of living with Brisbane, I poked my toes in, shuddered, and declared that I hated the water. The last year, I threw on my most flamboyant swimming suit, grinned to my friends, grabbed their hands, and jumped … Continue reading The Places That Make Up My Brisbane


Embracing Brisbane: A Bucket List

“I wish I knew how to quit you.”     ― Annie Proulx, Brokeback Mountain  Australia has welcomed me back into it's sweaty embrace after a year of non-stop travel. I admit I was reluctant to return to the motherland, but Australia has a way of sucking you back in. One day you're drinking a flat … Continue reading Embracing Brisbane: A Bucket List

Month Seven of Travel

My sister described this feature on my blog as 'the monthly update I do every couple of months' but with each month becoming even more chaotic than the last it has become increasingly difficult to sit down and write! My last monthly update was written in Greece and since then I have travelled through five … Continue reading Month Seven of Travel

My Top Five Favourite Cities

As of right now, I don't have a place to call my home. Yeah, I have the house where my parents live and the tiny island of Mauritius where I grew up. I even have the city that claimed me during my university years but none of these places are really my home and after … Continue reading My Top Five Favourite Cities

Interview with a Pilot: Air Pockets, G-forces and Getting Hit by Lightning

*This article is part two of a three part series on the fear of flying. You can read Part One here. Hopefully this interview and learning more about planes and flying will help you step through that plane door with a little bit more confidence!* I would like to welcome my dad to the blog … Continue reading Interview with a Pilot: Air Pockets, G-forces and Getting Hit by Lightning

65 Ways to Travel Better

1.Take photos with people in them. They are the ones you will treasure later. 2. Don’t overplan, leave room for spontaneity 3. If going to developing countries, research the beggar situation. If you give to beggars will it go to buying them food or is it organised begging (a la slumdog millionaire)?4. Do it the “Official Way”. … Continue reading 65 Ways to Travel Better

Koh Tao

Koh Tao and Unrealistic Expectations In the months leading up to our big trip, Koh Tao was the place that captured my imagination and fantasy the most. As a scuba diver with salt water in my veins, I dreamt of spending every hour in the water, finning with the fishes, teasing christmas tree worms and … Continue reading Koh Tao

Two days in Kuala Lumpur

We loved Kuala Lumpur and would highly suggest it for a quick stopover or transit point. We found that two days was enough to see everything. A little longer and you might be running out of things to do. As it was our first stop on our trip, we found it particularly exciting to explore … Continue reading Two days in Kuala Lumpur

7 Things to Know Before You Go: Australia Edition

  My favourite, and possibly the only joke I know, goes like this. What’s the difference between yogurt and Australia? Yogurt has culture.. As funny as I think this joke is and as much as I am itching to escape my homeland, I can see the appeal Australia has for travellers. Where else can you … Continue reading 7 Things to Know Before You Go: Australia Edition

Things I Won’t Miss When We Leave

As we dip below the two-weeks-to-go mark, I find myself being prone to extreme bouts of excitement. Every time someone mentions the beach, I casually mention that I will soon be frolicking along the pristine sands of Koh Tao’s beaches. Whenever anyone talks about how bad work is, I interrupt by mentioning I only have … Continue reading Things I Won’t Miss When We Leave