Lazy Saturdays in a Sleepy German Town

When you live in a tiny town in rural Germany, there is not a whole lot to do on the weekends. There is also not a whole lot to write about; a bit of a dilemma for an aspiring travel blogger. In truth, I have spent a good amount of time worrying about how to … Continue reading Lazy Saturdays in a Sleepy German Town

Three Months of Travel

Goodness gracious, this third month of travel tried and tested me in more ways than one. Never have I experienced such a dramatic upheaval than this month. My relationship ended and I moved from chaotic Kathmandu to the idyllic countryside of Eastern Germany. As I packed my bags in Kathmandu I felt sad leaving the … Continue reading Three Months of Travel

Two Months of Travel

Our second month of travel was spent in Nepal as we rested, ate and explored the city at a luxuriously relaxed pace. The first part of the month was spent in chaotic Kathmandu. We spent time walking around the city and seeing a couple of tourist sites. We both experienced culture shock at the Pashupatinath … Continue reading Two Months of Travel

The Eight Blogs I Read Everyday

I thought it would be fun to share a little peek into the blogs that I read on a daily basis. As a professional time-waster/ procrastinator, I read a tonne of blogs. To keep this post at an appropriate length I have cut down the list to blogs I read every day. Im talking about … Continue reading The Eight Blogs I Read Everyday

65 Ways to Travel Better

1.Take photos with people in them. They are the ones you will treasure later. 2. Don’t overplan, leave room for spontaneity 3. If going to developing countries, research the beggar situation. If you give to beggars will it go to buying them food or is it organised begging (a la slumdog millionaire)?4. Do it the “Official Way”. … Continue reading 65 Ways to Travel Better

One Month of Travel

One month of Travel  They say that the first Month is the most challenging. The most exciting but the most challenging . You get used to the fact that you don’t have a house and a room “back home” to go to when you get tired, instead you curl up on your lumpy bungalow mattress … Continue reading One Month of Travel

The Moment I Became a Traveler

Walking out of the LCCT Airport, there was an overwhelming sense of western influence. Starbucks, KFC, McDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, and Boost were all present in the outdoor food court. But the atmosphere was not western. It was not like home. We'd travelled 8 hours and there was such a sense of familiarity, but it felt … Continue reading The Moment I Became a Traveler

Things I Won’t Miss When We Leave

As we dip below the two-weeks-to-go mark, I find myself being prone to extreme bouts of excitement. Every time someone mentions the beach, I casually mention that I will soon be frolicking along the pristine sands of Koh Tao’s beaches. Whenever anyone talks about how bad work is, I interrupt by mentioning I only have … Continue reading Things I Won’t Miss When We Leave

The two week countdown

We have only two weeks to go until we fly to Kuala Lumpar to start our trip around SE Asia and Nepal.  I thought it might be fun to document how we are feeling for other travellers to (hopefully) identify with and also so that we can look back and laugh at how silly we … Continue reading The two week countdown

My Guide on How to Get Your First Tattoo

Jo and I recently decided to take the plunge into permanence and get tattooed. There was a lot of thought and time that went into choosing exactly what we both wanted and why. I had been thinking about my very small scripted tattoo for at least 6 months prior to getting it. Some people are … Continue reading My Guide on How to Get Your First Tattoo