Travelling Notes: An Update

The last few months have seen me buy a van, quit my full-time job, and hop-skip-jump across a very frosty Europe. Like most who wave goodbye to security, I swing from absolute tummy-churning terror to an unbridled glee. It feels a little like floating a deep ocean; You're weightless and free one moment and kicking … Continue reading Travelling Notes: An Update


How to escape a date who says “I wouldn’t consider myself a feminist”

There’s a moment in every horror movie which the villain/ghoul/serial killer reveals their true self, usually by whipping out a bloody knife, or a sinister grin. The victim is left reeling in a ‘How could I not have realised’ panic and ends up super dead. If you’ve seen Rachel McAdams' confused attempt to break free … Continue reading How to escape a date who says “I wouldn’t consider myself a feminist”

The Free People of Taghazout

Two types of worship happen in Taghazout, and both start by getting to your knees. Both answer a call at sunrise- the scratchy sound of a 90’s sound system blasting out the call to prayer, and the other, the crashing of a decent wave on the shore. I had arrived in Taghazout, Morocco to answer … Continue reading The Free People of Taghazout

I’m an idiot, and you are too.

“The chief element of happiness is this: to want to be what you are.” Erasmus I do some incredibly stupid things. In travel and my day to day life, I blunder around like a moving flesh-bag of insecurity, discontentment and laziness. This isn't to say "woe is me". Nor is it an elaborate way to … Continue reading I’m an idiot, and you are too.

I am Australian. I say Welcome.

We are living through one of the biggest refugee and displacement crisis of our time. I don't have a lot to give so I thought I would share my stories. These are the moments that shaped me.  The Sudanese refugee camp  I was eight when I trundled through a refugee camp on the outskirts of … Continue reading I am Australian. I say Welcome.

Hotel Am Brillantengrund, Vienna: A Review

Although it’s been about three weeks since I stayed in the hotel in Vienna, it took me that long to get the spelling of the name right before I could write a review.  The Rooms Look, I paid fifty euros for the night and that included a free breakfast, so I wasn’t expecting luxury and … Continue reading Hotel Am Brillantengrund, Vienna: A Review

Being Single: Six Reasons Why it’s All Cool

I've ordered a beer off the flight attendant because honestly, I might have to be a bit liquored up to write about this subject. If I start aggressively writing about the patriarchy, it was the beer (But seriously, the patriarchy, it runs deep). I’ve been single for three years now. I started this blog with … Continue reading Being Single: Six Reasons Why it’s All Cool

25 Things That Happen When You Come Home

Some strange things happen when you touch down on home soil after a life changing trip. Once the initial joy of eating all the things you missed (lollies!) has subsided, you are left weeping into your wallet when you spot a rupee or a euro. It is a hard and trying time and what do … Continue reading 25 Things That Happen When You Come Home

Goodbye 23. Hello 24!

I just turned 24! Which is supposedly the birthday that you get your fully-grown adult brain. Welcome adult brain! Hopefully you more capable of handling this whole growing-up thing because my previous brain would go into a flap at the sight of bills or paperwork. My birthday was spent in Perth with one of my … Continue reading Goodbye 23. Hello 24!

Coming Home after Nine Months

I knew coming back to Australia would be hard. I anticipated the sinking feeling in my stomach that would mark the trip at an end. I foresaw the weirdness of coming back as somebody's ex-girlfriend. I even psyched myself up for all the administration that would need to be done (new passport, drivers licence etc). … Continue reading Coming Home after Nine Months