Some (emotional!) Thoughts on Leaving Germany

  When I begun planning this trip late last year with my boyfriend, I came up with this crazy itinerary that took us through six continents and had us traipsing through at least 30-40 countries. We were going to start in South-East Asia and move through China into Europe. From Europe we were going to … Continue reading Some (emotional!) Thoughts on Leaving Germany


sleep/eat/wear: Berlin Edit.

Welcome to my new feature here on Dirty Paws! sleep/eat/wear will provide a little snapshot into where I am sleeping for the night, what I am putting in my belly and what clothes are covering up my body parts! As I will be resting my head in many different locations over the next six weeks, … Continue reading sleep/eat/wear: Berlin Edit.

Having a Rummage at the MauerPark Markets

On the way to Berlin I was excited to see the famed East-Side Gallery, the majestic Bradenburg gate and the alternative paradise that is Kreuzberg but let’s get real, it was the promise of a good rummage at the MauerPark Flea market that most excited me. Hailed as the “King of Flea Markets”, the MauerPark … Continue reading Having a Rummage at the MauerPark Markets

Biking around Berlin

If the city of Berlin was a person, it would be that eclectic hipster friend you have that wears ironically ugly shirts, reads obscure poetry and drinks too much. He is the friend who outwardly loathes the Sunday brunch ritual but partakes in it every week nonetheless. His other favourite activities include drinking beer in … Continue reading Biking around Berlin

Lazy Saturdays in a Sleepy German Town

When you live in a tiny town in rural Germany, there is not a whole lot to do on the weekends. There is also not a whole lot to write about; a bit of a dilemma for an aspiring travel blogger. In truth, I have spent a good amount of time worrying about how to … Continue reading Lazy Saturdays in a Sleepy German Town

In Pictures: Walking the Forests of Eastern-Germany

Walking the forest paths has been peaceful. The forest floor is covered in fallen leaves, carpeting the ground in golden browns and rusty yellows. The leaves crunch under my feet. Tiny white flowers grow from beneath the leaves and shoots of green peek out from the thick carpet created by Autumn. Out of every patch … Continue reading In Pictures: Walking the Forests of Eastern-Germany

So, I’m moving to a castle in Germany

Currently I am on a train speeding across Germany. Yesterday I was in Nepal. Last week I had a completely different future. One that involved staying in Kathmandu and then exploring the rest of South-East Asia. Maybe even heading over to China to teach english. Tomorrow I will be living in a castle in the … Continue reading So, I’m moving to a castle in Germany