Hotel Am Brillantengrund, Vienna: A Review

Although it’s been about three weeks since I stayed in the hotel in Vienna, it took me that long to get the spelling of the name right before I could write a review. 

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The Rooms

Look, I paid fifty euros for the night and that included a free breakfast, so I wasn’t expecting luxury and splendour. Decked out in mostly 1950’s furniture, the hotel offered something I appreciate more: style! 

A little poky, but oh so adequate, the rooms are all a bit different. Mine had a crystal chandelier which I got tangled in when I was dressing, and a nondescript hotel painting on the wall. Yet, it oozed a coolness that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it was the pink and white colour-theme or the cool graphics, but I felt like an indie-princess – who is just a little bit broke. Going to bed that night, I wish I had a pink satin slip to wear instead of a daggy T-shirt.

The bathroom was nice but the hot tap was fed by the waters of Hell itself. Expect third-degree burns if you don’t juggle the hot and cold taps accordingly. I nearly scalded my whole body and was a shade of pink for the best part of an hour. Granted there was a sign telling you to play nice with the hot tap- I just ignored it.

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The Courtyard

Arguably the best part of the hotel, the courtyard is complete with colourful tables and chairs and overflowing window boxes. The kind of place you could linger in summer with a margarita in hand and an Austrian boy feeding you wafer biscuits. I was there in Winter so I froze and there was no wafer-laden boys anywhere (life, why). 


They had those little tubs of Nutella. And filter coffee. Need I say more?

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Why you should stay?

If you wished you lived in a Wes Anderson movie, love riding bicycles (they have them for rent!) or just want a cheap-ish accommodation option in Vienna, you should stay here. It’s also within minutes of the main shopping street, a short walk to the Ringstrasse, and very conveniently located near the orange U-line.

And if you’re sick of schnitzels, I’ve also heard the filipino food they serve is delicious. Because when you say Austria, you think of a good plate of Adobo. Hmmm.  

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So, if you ever find yourself in Vienna, I highly recommend the Hotel Am Brillantengrund. Just don’t burn your butt in the shower.

Check it out here- 

I paid for this hotel myself! Not sponsored. 


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