22 Signs you’re a Traveling Hipster

Let me just preface this article to say that I am completely guilty of all of these hipster-esk behaviors. I basically just wrote this article about myself. Beards, flannel and craft beer forever!
Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset 1. The worst thing about heading off on a round the world adventure: Saying goodbye to your barista.
2. You lug around a vintage film camera to capture your happy snaps with, despite the fact that it weighs a tonne, and half of the photos come out over-exposed or too dark.
3. You own a twee little backpack that is featured heavily in all your Instagram photos.
4. You have at least three notebooks in your backpack right now.
5. You choose to stay in that dilapidated bamboo shack on the beach despite having plenty of money to stay at the resort next door.
6. You have at least three pictures of cute doors on your Instagram feed.
7. You have read Jack Kerouacs ‘On the Road’ in the last six months.
8. At least one of your Instagrams is captioned with a quote from the book.
9. You delight in drinking the local beer even though it tastes like bathwater.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset 10. If a hostel describes itself as ‘quirky’, ‘kitsch’ or ‘authentic’ then you’re sold. 11. You once mistook having a chat with a homeless local as being deeply philosophical.
12. You like to call yourself a ‘storyteller’.
13. You own a pair of round Lennon-esk sunglasses.
14. You ate Mc’Donalds on your last trip overseas but passed it off as being ironic.
15. You describe yourself as an ‘adventurer’ in your Tinder profile despite having only done a Contiki tour around South-East Asia.
16. You did at least one overpriced yoga class on your most recent trip.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
17. Just because you’re deep in the Amazon jungle doesn’t mean that you don’t want brunch. Bring me my poached eggs stat!
18. Iceland is at the top of your travel wishlist but New Zealand will do in a pinch. Think about all those pensive staring-into-the-mountains photos you could take.
19. You carried a floppy felt hat around the world on your trip despite it being a pain in the butt to transport.
20. On the first day of your trip you got up at dawn to walk around the city. All subsequent days of the trip you slept-in till ten.
21. You have least one photo of an open road on your Instagram. Double hipster points if that road photo has an inspiring caption written over it.
22. You briefly considered getting a tattoo to symbolize your most recent trip. Ideas considered were an small airplane, the word ‘wander’, or a meaningful phrase in the local language.
Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset Do you agree with this list? Am I missing any? Would love to hear from you so leave me a comment or email me at dirtypawsblog@gmail.com.

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