sleep/eat/wear: Berlin Edit.

Welcome to my new feature here on Dirty Paws! sleep/eat/wear will provide a little snapshot into where I am sleeping for the night, what I am putting in my belly and what clothes are covering up my body parts! As I will be resting my head in many different locations over the next six weeks, I thought it would be fun to document those little details that make a trip awesome. So whether I am staying in a hostel or at a friends place, eating ramen or reindeer, wearing tracksuit bottoms or  Topshop, this is the place to read about it. 

sleep// The Cat’s Pyjamas

When I found out that I needed to spend a night in Berlin on my way to London I jumped at the chance to stay at The Cat’s Pyjamas. A cat themed hostel in the trendy neighbourhood of Kreuzberg? Oh yes please! 



I was impressed from the start as the hostel was a nice three minute walk away from the Hermannplatz U station. Having taken about five wrong trains over the space of two hours it was a relief to see the friendly interior and the even friendlier smile of the receptionist. Not to mention that the lobby was covered with awesome cat street art (love me some cats.. in case you didn’t know).

Decked out with mismatched chairs, denim-covered cushions and adorable light fittings, this hostel has a decidedly hipster feel. It really brings the ‘cool’ off the streets of Berlin and works with it all throughout the hostel with the art on the walls and small industrial touches. I stayed in a six-bed mixed dorm and had no complaints other than that it was a bit stuffy in the room. Opening the windows proved to be a good option until the noise of the street outside interrupted sleep but really thats not their fault! Everything was very clean, well appointed and efficiently run.




Waking up early for a morning flight also meant that I got first dibs at breakfast which was a selection of meats, cheeses, yogurts, spreads and fresh bread rolls (which were oh so fresh!). The dining room was my favourite place in the hostel and I felt pretty happy about the day ahead as I scarfed down my bread and paté.

eat// Gel Gor Inegol Köfteci



Gel Gor Inegol Köfteci came highly recommended in just about every Berlin foodie/travel blog post I read. Serving up cheap and cheerful Turkish food 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, this place did not disappoint. For only 4.50 euros, I had a Köfté sandwich and a beer (my first and only German beer!). With the peppery rocket, spicy mustard and perfectly grilled Köfte it was certainly very tasty sandwich.Was it the best in Berlin? Probably not but a cheap meal nonetheless. Gel Gor is only a ten minute walk away from the Hermannplatz U station and The Cat’s Pyjamas. 

wear// A comfy travel outfit 



This outfit came together primarily from the fact that I had to wear all my most bulky items of clothing all at once. Thus the chunky boots, floppy hat and coat combo!

Hat- River Island

Jacket- Vintage 

T-Shirt- H&M (from the mens section!)

Jeans- Topshop Leigh jeans

Boots- H&M 

Frontpack- Herschel 

Have you ever been to Berlin? where did you stay? do you love or loathe themed hostels? let me know in the comment below or email me at