The Ten Worst Travel Photos I Have Taken

One of my favourite things to laugh at is people taking photos that I just know are going to be horrendous and/or boring. I even had the grand idea of starting a website dedicated to pictures of people taking super boring photos. Seeing as I primarily use my iPhone to take all my pictures, I have taken some truly terrible photos and I thought I would share them. It can’t be all sunshine and roses around here.

1. The most boring hipster photo ever taken- Herrnhut, Germany 

Forget the rolling green hills and lush forests of Eastern Germany, here’s a picture of a chair..


2. The incredibly unappetising food photo- Poland 

Looks like something went terribly wrong in the microwave. Was actually super tasty cheese raclette.


3. The “did I just accidentally press the button on my phone?” photo- Kathmandu, Nepal 

Now this might actually be the most boring photo ever taken. I refuse to believe I took this photo by choice. It was probably an accident..


4.  The “worst-lit/crazy cat lady” photo of all time- Thessaloniki, Greece 

Thought process when taking this photo- Look at all the cats! I must take a photo! omg cats, omg 12 cats, omg need photo, iloveyoucats, canitouchyou, comebackcats, whereareyougoingcats.


5. The failed jump shot photo- Thessaloniki, Greece 

This is one for the photo album really. I look like I’m about to fall flat on my face. Also I think this photo pretty much sums up why I am single.


6. The “I really tried” photo fail- Loutraki, Greece 

Now I really thought this was going to be one of those Pintrest worthy vacation shots. Instead I look like a piece of ocean debris/ a dead body in the distance.


 7. The I have no-idea how to pose in a cool way photo -Berlin, Germany 

This photo does bad things to my self-confidence. It also just kind of hurts my eyes.


8. The “I was trying to be edgy and real” photo- Kathmandu, Nepal. 

This photo isn’t about to win any awards for its gritty-ness. It’s just plain bad and depressing. Pretty sure that brown stuff in the river is poop- just what people want to see when they look at travel photos.


9. The selfie-fail- Prague, Czech Republic 

I’m sure this will also be one I will treasure for ever. Also, the grey steps in the background really show off the magic that is Prague.


10. Tried to take a cute photo of a greek cafe and got this instead-Loutraki, Greece. 

“Wow, cutting-edge photo of al fresco dining in Greece” said no-one ever.


 So that was kind of embarrassing. Do your photos ever fail as much as mine do? Do you have photography tips you want to share? Leave a comment below or email me at 



10 thoughts on “The Ten Worst Travel Photos I Have Taken

  1. muahahah i was embarrassed for you for these lol but thank you for sharing they gave me a good laugh. I have some JUST as bad but I think I’ll keep them hidden for now lol

    1. Haha yeah I’m still a little embarrassed about this post 🙂 But I’m glad it makes people laugh. And that raclette was amazing!

  2. Ahahah oh my god I laughed so hard at most of them, fantastic post!!! But actually I think that the “did I just accidentally press the button on my phone?” photo- Kathmandu is a pretty good one! 🙂 I would enter it in a photo contest, keeping the title, of course 😀

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