Peek Inside My Packing: Makeup and Toiletries

My last post was a peek inside all the clothes, shoes, gear and accessories that I am taking on my two-month trip to Greece. This post is dedicated to my toiletries and make-up. So maybe if you are a guy, then pass this one by.

I take three bags of toiletries with me when I travel. Excessive? Yep. Necessary for maintaining human-ness and sanity? Most definitely. I don’t plan on wearing much make-up in Greece but I like to take it along for those just-in-case moments (impromptu weddings, dinners etc).



My make-up fits neatly into a little pouch from sports-girl.

1 foundation (not my favourite)
2 collection 2000 concealers in shade vanilla
1 soap & glory powder in light (good for keeping the shine at bay)
1 mac mineralise skin finish natural bronzer in medium (bought ages ago and still going strong)
1 bourgeois blush (given to me when I was 15)
1 mac eyeshadow
1 l’oreal colour tattoo eyeshadow in bad to the bronze (eye-shadow made easy)
1 benefit brow pallet
2 maybelline mascaras (the green one is awful, the blue one the best!)
2 lipsticks (one neutral, the other bright)
1 maybelline baby lips chapstick
1 l’oreal gloss in a pinky colour
1 revlon brown eyeliner
1 liquid eyeliner pen
1 lush solid perfume (Breath of God)
3 real techniques make-up brushes ( the only ones you will ever need)


Shower bag

My shower bag is from lifeventure and was a much appreciated gift. It comes with an inbuilt mirror and a hook for hanging it up.

1 nivea blonde shampoo +conditioner (can’t afford my favourite Lush shampoo)
1 dove soap
1 lush facial cleanser (Aqua Marina)
3 disposable razors
1 tube of fudge hair toner in whiter shade of pale (no brassy locks for me)

Miscellaneous toiletries

All non-shower related products fit perfectly into a reindeer covered wash-bag.

1 l’oreal texturising spray (perfect for reviving for baby-fine, flat hair like mine)
1 50 SPF sunscreen
1 nivea face wipes (never leave home without these bad-boys- a shower in a bag)
1 dove original deodorant
1 tub of nivea creme (used as hand cream)
1 spectro facial moisturiser
toothbrush + toothpaste
pack of dental floss picks
1 tub of coconut oil (I use this on my face, hair and body- awesome stuff)
pouch of tampons
1 lush lip scrub (maybe a little superfluous)
Nail clippers, tweezers, hair ties, laundry bag and bobby pins- not pictured
And that is my packing! Did I leave anything important behind? What would you add to this list? Leave me a comment below or email me at


6 thoughts on “Peek Inside My Packing: Makeup and Toiletries

  1. Yep! I pack a ton of beauty essentials as well. After a long day of exploring it’s so nice to come back to my hotel and indulge in my routine with all my goodies 🙂

  2. When I was younger I packed only essentials, mascara, lipstick and was ready to go, recently I noticed, that the amount of makeup I take with me grew tremendously… well, I guess being grown sucks a little – now I need more concealers, BB creams, eyeshadow bases… and don’t get me started on my day and night creams, lol

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