A Travellers Wish List


Final wishlist


Sometimes you just want some stuff! 

1. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt 

This pulitzer-prize winning book is making the rounds and I am dying to read it. The Goldfinch tells the story of a thirteen-year old in New York City who becomes orphaned after his mother is killed in an art gallery. It has been getting rave reviews and is being hailed as one of the best books of 2013 (yes I realise I am a bit late to the party).

2. Glasses from Bonlook

If you would have a peep at my pintrest boards, you would see that I have a whole one dedicated to girls in glasses. I think they are just so cute! Oh and I’m sure spending all these hours at my computer isn’t great for the eyeballs but mostly I want to look cute.

3. A Nalgene Water Bottle

Every traveller needs a good, sturdy water bottle to keep hydrated. This Nalgene would do the trick.

4. A Canon DSLR

If you are a regular in these parts of the internet you would have heard me whining about not having a good camera. My iPhone is just not cutting it anymore in the photography department. It’s a phone for goodness sake, it is supposed to call people not take cutting-edge travel photographs. As someone with 3.75 cents in her bank account this little dream isn’t happening soon which is why this is a wish list and not a shopping list.

5. A Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

When I first saw someone toting this backpack around, my overwhelming thought was “oh thats cute”. When I found out that it’s original purpose is to carry around boxed wine, my overwhelming thought was “ I NEED THIS”. It even has a little mat inside to sit on!

6. LUSH Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar

I am such a fan of Lush and their shampoo bars. I have been using the ‘Seanik’ one for most of this year. When Alex from Alex in Wanderland wrote a raving review of the Jumping Juniper shampoo bar I knew I had to get my hands on it. *She is actually having a Lush giveaway open to US citizens at the moment. Go and enter for a chance to win one!*

7. A Yellow Moleskine

What stationary-lover can pass up a brightly coloured Moleskine? Although quite pricey, they are quite simply the best notebooks around and I want one.. or ten.

8. A Johan’s Son Stockholm Raincoat

This particular raincoat costs $400 dollars. Again, lets remind ourselves this is a wish list. I realised I don’t have a single waterproof item of clothing in my possession. Worst. Traveller. Ever. A sturdy raincoat can make all the difference between a good travelling day and a miserable, sodden travelling day. I need one!

I am not getting paid in anyway by these companies! Just though I would link them up for your convenience. 

What is on your travelling wish list? I would love to know! Leave a comment or email me at dirtypawsblog@gmail.com. 



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  1. I love this wish list! I want to try that shampoo too, I entered to win- I actually have won a giveaway on Alex’s site for a mobile app like Skype, but it doesn’t work in India very well.

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