Having a Rummage at the MauerPark Markets

On the way to Berlin I was excited to see the famed East-Side Gallery, the majestic Bradenburg gate and the alternative paradise that is Kreuzberg but let’s get real, it was the promise of a good rummage at the MauerPark Flea market that most excited me.


Hailed as the “King of Flea Markets”, the MauerPark flea market in Berlin Mitte draws out the hip and stylish every Sunday for a day of bargain hunting, delicious food and sometimes impressive (sometimes cringeworthy) karaoke.

For our second day in Berlin, my friends and I arrived in the neighbourhood at around eleven and followed a stream of club-mate toting hipsters towards the market. From the number of people heading into the park, we knew it would be pretty crowded. Who could blame them! The sun was shining, the grass green and the cities collective hangover gone. However once in the market we were reduced to a slow shuffle, dodging people carrying chandeliers, record players and boxes of vintage glassware.

As this was my first European flea market I was amazed by all the stuff! There were boxes full of old photographs for sale, tables stuffed with film cameras and an overwhelming amount of cute leather bags. Some of the vintage things like the tins above were a little pricey; the cheapest tin (like the ones above) we found were 10 Euros. A bit much for a backpacker on a budget. The clothes however were much better priced and I rummaged until I could rummage no more. I came away with a cute silk kimono, a top with a leopard on it, a bag and a striped jumper; All for 13 Euros.

What a great way to refresh your travelling wardrobe on a budget.



After the rummage, a currywurst and a fritz-kola was consumed and we found seats in time for the infamous BearPit Karaoke at 3:30 pm. With at least 500 people watching, this karaoke is no silly business. One guy and his stirring version of “New York, New York” lifted my spirits greatly: it looked like the pinnacle of his life!


The whole day was just a genuinely fun experience and made me fall in love with Berlin even more.

Essential Info:
MauerPark Flohmarkt – Every Sunday. Get off at the Bernauer Street station and follow the crowds! 
BearPit Karaoke– Every Sunday at the MauerPark at 3:30pm unless raining.

Have you been to the MauerPark markets? Did you find any bargains? Let me know in the comments below or email me at dirtypawsblog@gmail.com. 


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  1. I absolutely love going to markets like this. I often don’t buy anything but just love to look. Also, Where is that awesome orange backpack from??

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