Girl Travellers: An Interview with Pam from A Blonde Around the World

Welcome to Girl Travellers! In this series I’ll introduce you to some inspiring and downright cool female travel bloggers. It’s a space where we can chat about travel and what it means to be a girl on the road.

It is my pleasure to introduce Pam to our Girl Travellers series. Pam is the delightful writer behind the blog “A Blonde around the World. Pam’s blog is one that I check everyday and is fast becoming a firm favourite. Pam currently lives in the beautiful Italy and has an unusual affinity for rooftop pools which is awesome.

The thing I love most about Pam’s blog is her stunning photographs. She really captures the spirit of the place. Be warned, her photographs will leave you questioning your shaky iPhone photography (okay maybe thats just me).

Her recent coverage of her trip to Lake Bled is something straight out of a fairytale and has left me itching to go see it myself. Also, check out her America trip! She ended up in Las Vegas with no money..

Anyways enough rambling. Here’s Pam!

Jo: As a new blogger to the scene, what made you decide to start a travel blog?

I was obliged to do it because my friends and family are sick of my travel stories, so I had to open an online space for that..
Ahah nah..
I have a soul full of memories, a hard disk full of pictures and a passion for writing and sharing. Starting a travel blog sounded like a good way to give words to them, and possibly a way to inspire and share with others.

You have been to a fair few places, what has been your favourite destination so far?

If I should answer based on the times I have visited, it would probably be Stockholm.
For some reason I keep visiting it almost every year, that city enchanted me with her pink sunsets and lively atmosphere.
Although the real answer would probably be Byron Bay, in Australia.
Either it was the hippie atmosphere, the first time I saw the Southern Cross or surfing the pristine waves, that bay has a special place in my heart.

Oh I love Byron Bay! Now what is your least favourite destination?

Oh that’s a tricky one!
If I really, really had to pick one, it would be Berlin, though I must admit I visited very briefly, and the weather was very cold and truly terrible.
I experienced 2 days in a grey and very wet capital of Germany, although the nightlife had no comparison.

Do you have a favourite travel memory?

I have so many, it’s hard to pick!
It could be that time we were caught by a storm while scootering around Bali. We recovered in a noodle bar and discovered one of the most delicious meals I ever had.
Wet from head to toe, feeling the smell and the sound of the rain in the jungle outside, but with sunshine inside.
Or that time in Stockholm when me and my best friend discovered a rooftop heated pool on a lousy autumn day and soaked the whole afternoon overlooking the lights of the city and the roof tops. Just enjoying it and each other’s company without anything needed to be said or done.
Although my absolute favourite would probably be that time we missed sunset in Oia, Santorini.
We calculated badly our timing getting from Thira to Oia, and ended up seeing the sunset on the road.
Me and my boyfriend found an open space to the sea on the road and sat on our quad bike, hugging, enjoying the incredibly beautiful sunset with only the sound of the wind in the mediterranean bushes making company to us.
They say sunset from Oia is the most beautiful sunset in the world. For me, that one was it.

All those experiences sound like beautiful memories. Lets get real, what is your worst travel mistake?

Oh, the list is sooo long..
I’ve been traveling for years, yet I still make them.
Last trip for example, I was so stupid to travel to USA without credit cards.
How did it end up?
I spent 4 days in Vegas trying to make a fortune out of the remaining 20 dollars on Black Jack, until our families sent us money from Italy…
Very smart…

Travel mistakes equals great stories. Where are you wanting to go to next and why? 

Our next destination will be Sicily in June! The beaches compare to top-rated exotic destinations and it’s full of ancient history to explore and the nightlife is great!
I can’t wait!

What would you suggest a first time traveller to Italy to do? Any favourite destinations or activities in Italy?
Italy is known to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and there is a reason!
You have the mountains, you have the beaches, you have the culture, you have gelato.
It’s a top destination all year around.
Ski the beautiful Alps in winter, bath in the crystal clear water of the islands in summer, explore the ancient cities in spring, and visit the galleries and museum in autumn!
The choice is hard, but to a first time traveler I would probably suggest visiting Rome. There’s a reason for why it’s called the eternal city, you have to see and feel it yourself!

Okay, lets talk girl stuff. What are your five beauty travel essentials?

When I travel, the key beauty essential for me are moisturisers. You get so dehydrated on the flight, and when you walk around all day sightseeing. Not to mention when you visit hot beachy places.
So in my beauty case I can’t miss:
A good skin moisturiser
A hydrating foundation
Lip balm
A top of the line hair mask
Body cream with some exotic scent
Other than that, I always try to travel light bringing with me only the necessary make up, and using travel sizes.


And what is your most regretful travelling outfit?

Once I travelled in a one piece jumpsuit from Denmark back to Italy. I looked like bibendum and I had the feeling that the whole very polite and classy Copenhagen airport was staring at me pitifully.
Once had been been shopping too much in Barcelona and had to leave with almost all of my clothes on. I even had socks in my boots and I travelled with rubber boots in the middle of the summer to save space. I was truly outrageous.
Beside these two, I think my leggings have seen the world, as I aways travel in them and blush when I see these super elegant ladies on their heels clacking on the airport floor, while I’m sitting on my luggage eating banana chips in my pyjama…

Do you have any favourite travel bloggers that you would like to share?

I really enjoy Rachel of Hippie in Heels. She’s easy to read and her travel stories are fun. She blogs a lot about India, a destination I would like to visit in the close future.
I also really like a Cruising Couple: he’s very good at taking pictures, she’s really enjoyable to read! Lately they’ve been blogging about Scandinavia, it was fun reading their adventures!

Good choices! and lastly, do you have any tips for taking better photographs whilst travelling?

Always have your camera ready, stop anywhere you feel like to shoot, take as long as needed.
Although your travel mates might hate you for that (as it happens to me).
I personally think of photography as an art, so I like to convey emotion throughout it.
To do this, I browse a lot of blogs and magazines for inspiration and then I try to capture a moment, a feeling, a memory, rather than a thing.
Oh, and if you are traveling on a coastal destination, get a submersible camera! This way you can take pictures underwater and those crazy beautiful pictures half under water and half picturing the rest. I love those!

I would like to spend a minute thanking Jo for this opportunity! It’s unbelievable being feature here on one of my favourite travel bloggers’ space and it was so much fun answering the questions!
Thank you Jo 🙂

Thank you Pam! It was a pleasure to have you on the blog.

Do you have any girl travelling secrets to share? What are your beauty essentials whilst on the road? Leave a comment or email me at


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  1. Oh I love Pam’s blog! But I do want to know what hair mask do you use!? The water in India is HORRIBLE on my hair and I’ve been using the loreal take 5 conditioner but I don’t think it’s working well. PS thank you for mentioning my blog, so sweet of you!

    Love this series, JO!

    1. Are you kidding I love your blog! I’m very bad at commenting, but I read it all the time!
      I use Kerastase! Their products are quite expensive, but they do miracles! Plus they’re so good that you don’t need to use a lot of it, so they last a bit longer than other products! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out! 🙂 You’re the best ❤ We really enjoy reading your blog, too! And we absolutely loved getting to know you a bit more in this interview. I especially loved learning about your travel essentials – you always look so stylish!

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