Announcing a Summer in Greece

I am going to Greece for the summer!

I am so thrilled and excited to spend two months in Greece this coming June. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be having a Greek summer this year. I was supposed to be in Asia!


Source: Athens walking tours

I will be flying into Thessaloniki and from there I will be travelling around the country with a group of friends. This trip isn’t a holiday per se as we will be working to improve the lives of some of the countries poorest and most destitute people.

When most people think of Greece they think of the beaches, the white washed houses and the tasty Greek salad. As you may have read on the news, Greece has a struggling economy and is facing a severe crisis. Basically the country and the people are a little bit sad. In addition to this, Greece has received a substantial influx of illegal immigrants because of its easy-access location. These factors have opened up the doors to human trafficking and sex slavery in the country.

Pretty sure this can't be real
Pretty sure this can’t be real

Source: Charter World

You don’t really think of sprawling refugee camps or slavery when you think of Greece do you? But the reality is thats its a problem.

Now I am not sure what I will be doing in Greece but I am a firm believer in what Mother Teresa said.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”

Although the trip isn’t a holiday, we will be having time off and exploring the country so I am so excited to bring you with. me.

I am looking forward to eating a lot of tasty Greek food, swimming in the blue waters of the coast and skipping through the olive trees. Don’t even get me started on my love for tzatziki. I can’t wait to learn more about the history of Greece and the Greek people. I might even get a burn tan!

I did visit Athens in 2008 for a school trip/conference. I loved seeing the Acropolis and the Corinth Canal. I fell in love with souvlaki and eating thick greek yogurt with honey. Such a gorgeous country.

Awkward teen Jo at the acropolis
Awkward teen Jo at the Acropolis in 2008

I am so looking forward to sharing this journey with you. Thank you so much for continuing to read my blog, it means the world to me!

Have you ever been to Greece? Do you have any recommendations or places you would like to see on the blog? Leave a comment or email me at


11 thoughts on “Announcing a Summer in Greece

  1. Oh my god I’m addicted to tzatziki as well 🙂 can’t wait to read about your greek adventures! I was in greece last year, and was really aware of the crisis. Maybe because of this, it didn’t feel so bad, i just noticed that everything was incredibly cheap…

  2. I love love love greece. That’s great that you’re going to be helping people while you are there. You are much better than I 😉 . I heard European TBEX is in Greece this summer. I saw that on “heart of a vagabond” so maybe you could go! I will miss it- but you can tell me all the juicy secrets !

    1. I’m excited! Oh that’s so true about tbex! I would love to go! And of course report back to you.

  3. A whole summer in Greece! How amazing! I’m jealous of the Greek yogurt and honey you’ll get to eat. So delish!! If I could recommend one place in Greece, it would be Naxos in the Cyclades. It has a more local vibe and one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen (Agios Prokopios). Not too expensive either! 😀

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