65 Ways to Travel Better


1.Take photos with people in them. They are the ones you will treasure later. 

2. Don’t overplan, leave room for spontaneity 

3. If going to developing countries, research the beggar situation. If you give to beggars will it go to buying them food or is it organised begging (a la slumdog millionaire)?

4. Do it the “Official Way”. There is always an official bus, ticket booth or entrance fee. This means you won’t be swayed by scams or unnecessary commissions. 

5.Pack as light as you possibly can. 

6. One in, one out. If you buy a pair of pants then get rid of a pair you already have. This way you will think before you buy something you don’t actually need.

7.Unpack your bag even if you are staying just a few days. It will make you feel more settled and at home. 

8. If you get sick, splurge on a nicer hotel room. Think fresh sheets, hot showers and a clean toilet. 

9. Buy a kindle and you will never be bored.

10. If you can’t afford a kindle then take along a book. When you are done you can swap it at a book exchange or with a fellow traveller. 

11. Research the climate so you can bring appropriate clothes. 

12. Photocopy everything and carry one set of copies with you and leave another with a friend. 

13. Scan everything and send it to your email. If you need something you can just print it out and voila! 

14. Organise your currency and have an idea of current exchange rates. 

15. Learn to love the ritual of drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Have a cup of sweet, spicy chai down at the local hangout. Sip and appreciate. 

16. Write down your reference and booking numbers, don’t just have them on your iPhone. 

17. You will never regret having a small, compact travel pillow. 

18. Travel overnight if it is safe. You will save money on accommodation. 

19. Carry a head torch. In places where the electricity isn’t reliable, it will help get you home (and going to the toilet- no hands!). Also good for reading in dorms. 

20. Find out what the expats do. They will always know the best places to eat and drink. 

21. Don’t beat yourself up if you get ripped off. Be prepared to pay a white skin tax in some places.

22. Research taxi fares. 

23. Don’t barter over tiny amounts of money. They probably need it a lot more than you.

24. It’s a backpack not a frontpack. 

25. And while we are on that point, throw away your money belt. Its ugly and makes you a target. 

26. Eat at busy places. The food will be safe, fresh and probably pretty tasty. 

27. Restaurants that specialise in one thing will usually be pretty good. 

28. Buy environmentally friendly products. Don’t contribute to a countries already struggling environment. 

29. Choose a window seat. Be it in a cafe or on an airplane. (unless you’re one of those people that pee every three minutes then for the love of God, choose an aisle)

30. Don’t rush when you arrive at your destination’s airport. Sit down and see how the locals are doing it. This usually means you will get a cheaper form of transport and you won’t be hassled by touts or companies. 

31. Markets are a travellers best friend. They are filled with cheap, fresh food and are a way to see how the locals live. 

32. Travel slowly. 

33. Stop and watch sunsets and reflect on the day you just had. 

34. Do things you do at home. If you normally go for a quick run in the morning then don your running shoes and get out there. If you love to sit and read the newspaper then pick one up at the local store. 

35. Carry a small bag with essentials everywhere. Mine has a hair tie, antibacterial gel, panadol, lip balm and some emergency cash. 

36. Tell your bank you’re leaving. This will save you a lot of stress!

37. Take your bathing suit with you even if you think you won’t use it. You never know when you might want a quick dip in a mountain river or a natural hot spring. 

38. Have a couple of chillout nights. Get snug in bed, watch a movie and eat some snacks. 

39. Explore the countries snacks! From green tea kitkats to ice-cream oreos, you never know what you might find. 

40. On long bus journeys,sit behind the front row. This way you can get out quickly in an emergency. 

41. On the topic of buses, never trust a chock. If they have to stop and chock the bus to stop it from rolling away, then get out (buses roll off cliffs all the time). 

42. Smell the driver. Sounds a bit weird but never get on a bus or in a taxi if the driver smells like alcohol. 

43. Research popular scams and look out for them. 

44. Always, always trust your common sense. 

45. Ask for help if you need it. 

46. Packing cubes are a long-term travellers best friend. They make packing and unpacking a lot easier. 

47. Take more underwear. 

48. Take a spare pair of underwear in your carry on. If the flight gets delayed or has unexpected stopovers you will be grateful (and so will your fellow plane buddies). 

49. Wear shower shoes if you’re staying in a place with a shared shower. 

50. Spend an afternoon sitting in a cafe window and watch the world walk by. 

51. Travel with a project even if its just maintaing a spectacular Instagram. 

52. Never talk to taxi drivers about politics. If they disagree with you then you might find yourself standing on the side of the road again. 

53. If your bus driver is crazy then get off the bus. Its not worth being scared or risking your life. 

54. Take quality clothes. You don’t want to find that your only pair of pants has a hole in them one week into a round the world trip. 

55. Three words for a better experience on transport. Sound. Cancelling. Headphones. 

56. Have long, leisurely lunches. 

57. Sleep in. 

58. Back up all your photos. If you are too lazy (like me) to do this then at least put your favourites online so that you won’t lose everything. 

59. Explore on foot. 

60. Find when the local bakery starts selling its fresh, hot bread. Enjoy. 

61. Don’t do anything overseas that you wouldn’t do at home. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable skinny dipping at your local beach, don’t do it in Thailand. You will probably have your clothes stolen.  

62. If you’re staying in a dorm then keep your space neat. 

63. After roughing it in basic accommodation for a few nights then splurge on a nicer place for a short respite. 

64. Don’t get sunburnt on your first day. 

65. Forget about everything you have read about travelling and just wing it. You’ll be fine. 

 Do you have any tried and true tips for travelling? do you disagree with any on this list? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment or send us an email at dirtypawsblog@gmail.com. 



11 thoughts on “65 Ways to Travel Better

  1. So many great tips, thank you for sharing 🙂 I’m looking forward to lie ins, long leisurely lunches and (occasionally) splurging on nice hotel rooms!

  2. Very useful tips and very helpful for my next trip. Now i want to go washington dc in next month with my friends. I always keep these tips in mind while i am traveling abroad.

  3. These are great tips and some are so funny! I also smell my driver haha I must bookmark this. Sometimes I think you read my mind! We are very similar!

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