What We’ve Got In Our First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

These are the contents of our first aid kit. Though the things we’ve included are applicable and useful in most countries, we’re bringing some medicines that we think will be especially beneficial in South East Asia.

This is for you to ignore the first time you go to the beach thinking that you’ll only get slightly burnt and end up with a nice tan. You’ll use it in the future after recovering from your horrendous sunburn.

Aloe Vera
This is for that time you can’t be bothered forget to put on sunscreen. It’s super soothing and provides instant cooling relief from a bad burn. Start applying it as soon as you see yourself going red.

Betadine Antiseptic Spray
This stuff kills bacteria dead. It’s easy to apply and great for preventing infections. Unfortunately, due to it’s red-ish brown colour, it makes any wound look like a zombie bite.

Oroperidys (Domperidone)
Domperidone helps suppress nausea and vomiting which is really handy when you’re feeling sick on long journeys. It’s a good idea to take a few of these if you’re prone to sea sickness as there are many islands in South East Asia that are only accessible by boat.

If you ever get a tension headache, this is the stuff you take to fix it. Dolased is also a mild sedative so be prepared to become unusually mellow after using it.

Fucithalmic Eye Drops
What’s worse than getting conjunctivitis when you’re traveling? Nothing… Nothing is worse… Well, except for a lot of other things. Even though it’s not the worse thing to get, it is painful, annoying, and highly contagious. Use some of these eye drops to get rid of it quickly.

Band Aids
Obviously for use when you cut yourself, or when somebody else cuts you. If it’s the latter, I hope it’s an accident, otherwise you might want to consider hanging out with different people.

Emergency Blanket
For when you’re cold and have no way of warming up. You could also use it to build a futuristic looking fort, but i’d go for the first option, most of the time…

Gastrolyte Rehydration Formula
These things can be a life saver if you have been suffering from diarrhea, travelers gastroenteritis, or excessive vomiting. They replenish essential electrolytes, minerals, and help prevent dehydration.

Imodium is effective in the treatment of multiple types of diarrhea, including travelers diarrhea. This medication can be a god send on a long bus ride. After all, there’s no bigger conversation ruiner than soiling yourself. Don’t worry if you do, many travelers have required a change of pants upon arrival at their destination.

Compeed Blister Patch
For when you convince yourself that your favourite pair of shoes will be comfortable enough to take with you, and realise that they aren’t.

This is a non-refrigerated probiotic. It’s full of good bacteria that will keep the bad stomach bugs and other nasty bacteria at bay.

Great for a sore throat and phlegmy cough. Can also be used as a bad substitute for candy..

This is prescriptive medicine that can be used to treat anything from urinary tract infections to severe diarrhea.

This supplement is great for keeping iron and folic acid levels up.

Spasfon provides pain relief for an array of gastrointestinal problems. It’s something i’d definitely recommend for those who commonly suffer from stomach pains.

This is my medicine of choice for most headaches. It’s fast working and rarely lets me down.

Aspirin is the medicinal “jack of all trades”. Used for headaches, body pains, fevers, and as an anti-inflammatory. It’s a must have for all travelers.

Have any of these medications helped you on your travels? What would you recommend to put in a first aid kit? Let us know by leaving a comment or email us dirtypawsblog@gmail.com