The Weekend Link #2

Hi Everyone!

Here is The Weekend Link number two. A post where we share our favourite things from around the net including travel, cats and an interesting news article or two.

Travel Links 

I love a good Packing List post and this post by Rachel from a Hippie in Heels has definitely been one of my favourites. I think this packing list would work for South-East Asia just well as it does for India. Stay tuned for an interview with Rachel coming up where we talk about the more feminine side of travel.

This game. Oh Boy. If you are a Geography nerd like us then you will love this. The game places you in a location through google maps and you then have to guess where you are. The closer you pinpoint on the map, the more points you get.

After reading Adventurous Kate’s post where she lists her favourite travel blogs of 2013, I came across the blog, Escape Artiste. Escape Artiste is a blog following a mother and son as they travel the world. Her posts on the time her son broke his arm in Mongolia are nothing short of addictive and thrilling.

The News Link 


We are both vehemently against the government backed shark cull that is happening in WA, Australia at the moment. There is no scientific proof that this will work and the idea is just plain stupid.

This kind of thing shouldn’t still be happening. There has been a call to change the wording in the law as rapists and sex criminals get let go by exploiting archaic and outdated legislation.

The Youtube Link 

Hey Nadine, A popular Travel Vlogger, has been posting some great videos about her trip through South-East Asia and Australia. Her videos are entertaining and catchy!

The Cat Link

This is how I feel any time someone sneaks up on me.