My Christmas travel wish list

Toilet bag_Fotor_Collage

This is my personal wish-list for Christmas. All stuff that I would take with me on my trip.

1. TopShop three-quarter sleeve striped shirt.

Striped shirts are my kryptonite. I probably already have five but none of them are the perfect stripe. I think this top may be it. Striped tops are so versatile and are definitely a requirement for the perfect capsule wardrobe. The long three-quarter sleeves are perfect for covering up from the sun and protecting from mosquitos.

2. Grey V-Necked T-Shirt TopShop.

Like the quest for the perfect striped T-shirt, the quest for the perfect grey T-Shirt is never-ending and arduous. The heart flutters at first meeting, the fabric falls softly around the curves of your body, you feel comfortable, casual and ever-so perfectly undone. Then you wash the shirt and it starts to fray around the edges. You shrug it off, try to move on. But then the shirt starts getting smaller and smaller in the wash. It looses shape around the sleeves and suddenly the neckline doesn’t feel so chic anymore. The shirt moves further and further back in your closet. And then another steps into take its place This is that shirt. The next perfect grey T-Shirt.

3. Benefit perfume.

These benefit perfumes are so cheap and cheerful for travelling. The main draw being that they are in metal bottles = No suitcase breakage. They come in a variety of scents and have cute little patterns on each of the bottles. Please beware of the “So hooked on Carmella” scent though. It smells like a vanilla factory blew up. It borders on nauseating. Although if you really wanted to cover up days of not having a shower then this is the scent for you, it will just make people in your proximity a different kind of sick.

4. Bourjois Happy light Foundation.

I love the healthy serum offering from Benefit. It has the perfect amount of coverage and is a great colour match for my skin. I am excited to try this latest release though which is apparently a fuller coverage foundation.

5. A gift certificate for Lush.

I really would love a gift certificate for Lush so I can pick up a few things. I would definitely buy bar of solid shampoo and conditioner from lush and I might even pick up a solid moisturising bar too. They are great for saving space. Also,when travelling through developing countries I really think its important to try not to add to the environmental devastation that is rampant. Every little thing counts and if it means I’m not washing chemicals down the drain (which will probably end up in the sea) then i’m happy.

6. A toiletries bag.

Exciting stuff ladies and gentlemen.Not much explanation needed for this one. This Kathmandu has a handy little detachable compartment so that you can take it out for your carry on baggage.

What are you wanting for Christmas? Is there anything I should be including in this list? 🙂 Leave a comment below or email us at