The Weekend Link #1

Travel Links!

Alex from Alex In Wanderland writes up this review of Hotel Titilaka, a hotel situated on the shores of lake TitiCaca. This place looks incredible. The bright colours and those reading nooks by the lake! Alex always writes beautifully but its her pictures that captivate me as she really knows how to use colour.

A very interesting insider opinion of the famed Tiger Temple in Thailand. Turner from ‘Around the world in 80 jobs” left his volunteer jaunt early because the Tiger Temple values just didn’t mesh with him.

Very handy and informative piece on how to take better photos by the Polar Route– Will definitely be putting these into practice.

If the article even mentions a capsule wardrobe then I will read it and even though its older, I really liked this one by the Guardian. I definitely agree that the money belt has to go.

News Link!

Two countries behaving like children- fighting over an island like its a piece of lego. 

Youtube Link! 

Two dashingly good-looking boys rickshaw race across India and film their adventures. Whats not to love?

Cat Link!

One dashingly good-looking cat gets a piece of ham to the face and someone films it. Whats not to love?

Instagram of the week!

We went for a good old bike ride around Brisbane and found a great climbing tree.

Chris in tree


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