How to survive your boring office job whilst waiting to travel

So you have that dream trip on the horizon, an itinerary has been crafted, lonely planet books read and your bag mentally packed. Now you just have to save money and you’re set!

Easier said than done. When the only way your dream trip will come to life is by working in a lifeless grey cube staring at a screen for the three months, it can be a little rough!  Here are some tried and tested tips to get you through this painstaking period and onto the beach in Thailand quicker than Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

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1. Practice travelling in your lunch break.

This may sound a little silly but trust me it is pretty fun. Walk around your area, armed with your phone and Instagram and practice taking pictures of interesting things. It may just be a picture of some pretty tiles or some interesting graffiti. Go sit in your town square and eat a gelato. Wander around an old, dusty museum and learns some facts about your home town. Just learn to walk mindfully around your work area, taking in all the sights, smells and tastes. By the time you get to go on your trip, you will be a pro at appreciating the little things and really experiencing your surroundings.

2. Don’t clock watch.

Clock watching seems to be a popular pastime for those who hate their jobs. When you’re watching the clock tick by slowly towards the five o’clock mark, time seems to slow down. My tip is to remove all clocks from view and cover up the clock on your computer with a bit of paper or a post it note.

3. Create a countdown

Although contrary to the previous point, I am a great fan of counting down to special events or trip departure dates. I even have an app on my phone that lets me know exactly how many days, hours and minutes are left until the day. I can tell you that there is 95 days, 4 hours and 17 minutes until Chris and I leave for Southeast Asia. The app I use is Countdown+ Lite; it even lets you put a little picture next to the day.

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4. Decorate your work area.

Nothing says “I want to kill myself” quite like a gray drab cubicle. I combat this by making my work space as accommodating as possible. Some ideas include, buying cheap flowers from the market and putting them in a little mason jar on your desk, changing your desktop picture to a map of the world  or a favorite travel photo and having a selection of colorful notebooks on your desk to jot down travel related lists or ideas.

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5. Read as much as you can.

Use this time to learn as much as you can about your destination. If you don’t sit too close to the boss then have a cheeky browse through some blogs online. Use your lunch break to read your lonely planet guide or flick through a National Geographic. Whilst learning about the place, make sure you write notes and ideas that can help you make the most of your trip.

6. Immerse yourself in your job.

As much as it might suck, you can learn something new in every job and working hard can really make the hours fly by.

I hope these tips help you as you wait to go on your dream trip. I promise it will be worth it! Have you got any tips for sticking out a crappy job? I would love to hear them. Please comment or send us an email at


4 thoughts on “How to survive your boring office job whilst waiting to travel

  1. Like your writing style!

    Your last tip is a difficult one though. I know from my own experience it’s really hard to immerse yourself in a job you don’t like. Alternatively you can of course find a job you do like. Though, maybe not considering today’s economy.

    I often promise myself a gift or a trip if I achieve a certain target. That helps.

    1. Thanks! it was a fun article to write just because I do all these things on a daily basis 🙂

      it seems to be getting harder and harder to get a job that you love but we soldier on!

  2. I did half of your points there!
    Counting down to departure date..gosh! that is so me!! It is 35 days left to my next destination 😀

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