September Beauty Favourites and Travel Pick of the Month


1. L’Oreal EverSleek Shampoo and Conditioner- $15

An Essie Button enabled purchase (Anything that girl buys I just have to have!); I have been loving this silicone-free system. I have extremely fine and colour-treated hair and these products do an excellent job at nourishing my hair without weighing it down. My hair feels softer and less damaged. I will definitely be repurchasing these products.


Work those ducklips

2. Sportsgirl Lipstick in Almost Famous- $9.95

This lipstick is such a vibrant colour. It’s a beautiful candy apple red that will work so nicely this summer. I have been wearing a lot of monochrome at the moment so this lipstick has been a great accessory. It’s a great way to brighten und update a look especially for those on a budget. I am planning on taking this one travelling, as it will work day and night.

 3. Maybelline Babylips in energizing orange- $2.95

Cheap, cheerful and zesty, this lip balm was a shoo-in for my September favourites. Smells like orange sweets and leaves the lips soft.

 4. Colourboost Glossy Finish Lipsticks by Bourjois in Orange Punch- $15

I love this product! This colour is quite subtle and is perfect for summer. I love how easy it is to apply. I really want to try out the other colours. These chubby stick- like products will be great for travel as they are a two-in-one lipgloss and lipstick and they last for hours. I imagine a bb cream, mascara and this lip product will be my go-to products for life on the move.

 5. Toni and Guy Sea Salt texturizing spray- $15

A couple of spritzes of this product onto your hair are perfect for creating that sexy undone look.  It smells really pretty too. I have been using this one on my fine hair everyday just to give it some dimension and style.

 6. Breath of Fresh air by Lush- $9.95

A toner with chamomile extract, rose extract, aloe vera and patchouli oil. It has been amazing at calming any redness on my skin. It is quite drying so maybe avoid if you have dry skin but for my oily complexion it’s just right! Looking forward to buying a bigger bottle of this to take with me on my travels.  A great product for long plane journeys or dusty bus rides. My advice; after a long day, pull your hair back, breathe deeply and spray your face once or twice with this-  an instant pick me-up!

 7. Angels on bare skin by Lush- $16.95/100g

A beautiful cleansing wash with rose and lavender, this product has also helped tone down the redness on my face. I use this once a day and make a small paste with my hands and some warm water and then massage it into the skin. The lavender is very calming and makes me sleepy before bed.


You too can look this cool.

Travel Pick of the Month- Lonely Planet’s guide to Southeast Asia on Shoestring

I highly recommend this guide. I have been a huge fan of the Lonely Planet guides for a long time. I have been reading this one non-stop since I bought it. The pages are now filled with scribbles and notes. The guides are very well written and have up to date information on making the most out of your trip. I will have to get back to you on exactly how good it is once we are traveling!


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